Shire Oil Denmark is the exclusive distributor of products for the treatment of horses, including mudfever and mites. The products are delivered directly from England – without intermediaries. The English company is recognized and respected for their high quality products and with many years of experience.

We always recommend that  new products must be tested on a smaller area of ​​the horse before actual treatment begins.

SHIRE OIL is a paraffined mineral oil of the highest quality. There are no additives in. Used to maintain the legs and the feathers with when there is no sores or scratching

LEG OIL PASTE is a mixture with sulfur and other substances that, among other things, make the oil stick well to the legs vet  period. Used if the horses are walking in muddy fields or vet areas. Can also be used for minor attacks by mudfever or mites

ITCH BUSTER is a mixture where the main content is Shire Oil, but also various healing and antipruritic ingredients. Really good if the horse is  scratching  and stomping. Used as a treatment against major attacks of mudfever and mites. Really effective for summer eczema and general itching.

LEG OIL MIX is a mixture of Shire oil and sulfur. Used like Leg Oil Paste, but where the horses are in dry folds.

SULFUR is wound healing and antibacterial, and has for many years been used by dermatologists (dermatologists)

SOFT SOAP is a fantastic soap that is easy to use. Foams nicely and adds moisture. A must if you want white legs on the horse.

SHOW WHITENING is a powder / lime product that makes white legs even whiter. Can be used at the last minute to cover discolored spots of urine or manure. A product that is a must for shows, awards, competitions, etc.

Potato flour, baby powder, etc. do not come close to this product.

The content of all the products is from  old and traditional recipes, that the manufacturer does not release.

However, none of the products contain any chemical substances, and can be used on all horses – including infoaled mares and foals.

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