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Twinpack – hoof care set

This hoof care set contains a hoof cream and a spray for brushing and scratching. Both products are both healing and preventative, and can be used for daily hoof care. Spread a thin layer of hoof cream all over the hoof, and massage a little into the crown as well. At the same time, spray a little Farriers Frog Conditioner in the scalp and the beam. It’s super easy and you protect both the hoof wall and the underside of the hoof.

Farriers Frog Conditioner contains essential oils with antibacterial properties and counteracts fungus.

Farriers Hoof Protection contains: coconut oil, aloea, almond oil, jojoba oil, vegetable seed oil, beeswax, lemon peel oil, thyme oil and glycerin. This unique composition keeps the hoof properly moisturized while creating a barrier that prevents the hoof from becoming “Filled” with moisture in the wet and humid autumn and winter.

100 ml. Frog Conditioner

500 ml Hoof Protection.

Farrieres Frog Conditioner – against sour ray 100 ml spray


Farriers Biosct Spray against bedbugs 1 litre refill


Farriers Biosect Mite Spray 2,5 l


Farriers Biosect Spray against mites etc. 500 ml


Farriers Citronella Fly Spray 2,5 litre Refill


Farriers Citronella Fly Spray 500 ml


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