The best products for mudfever, mites and skin conditions


The oil in these products is paraffin mineral oil, which has been used for centuries to care for horselegs prone to mudfever and mites


Farrier’s products have a wide assortment in the care of skin conditions in horses such as Mallander & Sallander, mudfever, mites, oils against itching and fly protection.


Farriers Original M&S Cream 1000 ml


Farriers Shireoil 1000 ml


Leg Oil Mix




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Products for summer eczema, itching, mange and other skin conditions in horses. is the exclusive distributor of the best products on the market for various skin conditions in horses. Mud and mites cause problems for many horse owners and horses with feathers, in particular, can experience major challenges. Often, infestations of mudfever and mites are found in the Coronet or Pastern, but in larger infestations, wounds can be seen far up the legs. But with early and preventive treatment, the horse can easily avoid suffering. Once the damage is done, it is also relatively easy to repair. Preventively, Leg Oil Mix, Farriers Shireoil or Mud Fever Creme are the recommended products. If the damage is done, we recommend Itch Buster, which, in addition to stopping itching, also disinfects and protects both skin and hair.

Summer eczema is an increasing and recurring problem in many horses. Often with extreme itching of the mane and tail, but also on other parts of the body. Biting mites from early spring to late autumn can really be a challenge. But with Farriers Stop Itch, which contains various oils and Benzyl Benzoate, it’s possible to keep itching to a minimum – some even completely itch-free. However, it is important to start a preventive treatment before the mites’ season starts.

Sallanders and Mallanders also seem to be a growing problem. The  wound crusts at the knees and hocks, which start to bleed with the horse’s natural movements, provide a breeding ground for infections. Farrier’s M&S cream is a targeted cream that softens scabs and helps heal skin. With continued use, it will be possible to completely eradicate this disorder. In addition to this problem, the cream is also a great cream for common wounds.

Chronic progressive lymphoedema, often abbreviated CPL, is a condition of swollen and clogged lymph vessels. It’s a disease for which no cure has yet been found, but using creams or oils that keep the skin elastic and free from bacterial attack can really help horses with this condition. Many have found Itch Buster in particular effective and describe that the swelling (the sausages on the legs) decreases a lot.

Horses with an extreme amount of feathers can benefit from regular washing in Farrieres mite shampoo. The shampoo contains a small amount of natural insecticide extracted from the Chrysanthemum plant. So a thorough wash once or twice a month will prevent the spread of mites. The shampoo is also effective against lince, fleas and other vermin in the fur. Also used as an effect dog shampoo with a nice scent.