Against Itching, Shireoil

Dry skin and dull coat in horses

After horses have shed in autumn and put on their winter coats, dry skin is a common tendency in many horses. A dull coat at the same time is a sign that the horse lacks some of the essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Flaxseed contains these ingredients, and if you add it to your feed daily, you’ll quickly see a difference.

In our Micronized Linseed, the flaxseed is gently milled and heat treated. This means that the omega acids are more easily released when consumed, and you don’t have to worry about hydrocyanic acid.

Micronized Linseed is the best and cheapest product on the market to improve the horse’s skin and hair. Linseed also has many other benefits. For example, there is a clear improvement in horses with summer eczema, but there is also a strong improvement after running on manure.
In many stables in the UK, it is a staple of the supplementary products all year round. Definitely a product everyone should try.

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