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Winter maintenance of horses with Feathers

The Danish winter can be a challenge for horses with a hoof beard. Not only can there be problems with frizz, but also the changing temperatures from plus degrees to minus degrees can cause broken hair. This may mean that horses to be produced for licensing in early spring do not have a sufficiently neat hoof.

By maintaining and preventing with Shireoil with sulphur, you can “kill two birds with one stone” The product is also preventive against mildew. We call it
Leg Oil Mix
but it is also known as Pig Oil with Sulphur. The oil wraps around each hair and also protects the skin. This makes the hair supple, even if there is hair frost and ice lumps in the moustache.

If the horses go for periods on very muddy paddocks, we recommend our Leg Oil Paste. It’s the same product, but with a thickener added to make it stick under extremely wet or muddy folds.

If you follow this link, you will be taken to our Facebook page where you can see how Leg Oil Mix is used to treat moles and lockers, but by applying it to the entire moustache once a week, you will prevent both hair breakage and moles during the winter.

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